Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to setup SAM Temporary Account then apply your purchased code

How K201 Students Sign up for SAM through Canvas
Welcome to K201!  Students will need to create a Cengagebrain account (username and password) in order to use SAM 2016 through Canvas. 

The keycode for SAM will come in the K201 textbook bundle.  If students do not have the code, they can create a Temporary access code that will work for 14 days.

Creating the Cengagebrain account is a one-time sign in process that can be completed prior to having an access code.  To get to the creation screen, students should sign in to Canvas, click Modules, and click on the SAM link.  They will encounter the below screen prior to seeing the payment screen.


Click on  “Create a New Account” and fill in the required profile information.

Follow these steps to access SAM while using a Grace Period.
When registering for SAM as a New User, click Enter Later when it prompts you for a Key Code.
The amount of time you have left for the grace period displays every time you log into SAM.

Every time a temporary account student launches a SAM activity link from Canvas Modules, they will encounter the following screen.

While using the temporary access code, students should choose the bottom option “Go to my course”.

Once students get their purchased access code, they should choose “Redeem Access Code” and type in the code on their SAM Integrated access card.