Thursday, November 10, 2016

K201 Final Exam

Our K201 Final Exam will be comprehensive in nature, given in SAM and will have 100 questions worth 200 points.

The Content will be divided into:
34 Computer Concepts questions (Multiple choice & True/False)
33 Excel skill based questions (5 attempts per question)
33 Access skill based questions (5 attempts per question)
The best way to prepare for the Final Exam will be to complete the SAM Reviews.  There are TWO SAM Final Reviews (one is an Exam and the other is a Training).

The UC Concepts Review has 150 questions, from which 34 will be on the exam. The Excel/Access Review is a Training and has 100 skill based questions, from which 66 will be on the exam in a different scenario.
The Final Exam content has been selected directly from these Reviews. So if you complete all these reviews you will have seen all the Final Exam questions in a different scenario.

Access Case Exam

The Access Case Exam will be given live in Access and hand graded with a rubric. 

The best way to prepare will be to review the Queries You Should Know.pdf which summarizes Access Tutorials 3 and 5, as most of the questions on the Access Case Exam will be queries. You will also need to know how to use a Validation rule, and how to create (and edit) a Form in Design view (including a Title, Logo, and Label field).

 You may also benefit from reviewing the AccessReviewQueriesAndMore.pptx (Links to an external site.)  in Canvas Files.

Access SAM Exam

To prepare for the Access SAM Exam you should complete the Access SAM Training before class (the Training is worth 10 homework points plus is the best way to study for the exam). There will be 50 skill based questions on the Exam and you will have up to five attempts at each question during the Exam (without the help or hints available in the Training).  The skills on the Training will be the same in a different scenario. On the Training complete the Apply instructions to earn the green check mark (credit) per task.
Remember you can do this Training repeatedly at your own pace.  Goto Canvas, Modules, SAM to see the Training link.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Excel and Access Module Vidoes Available

Videos Available for Excel and Access Modules covered in Class 

This link will take you to a site that has videos for all of the Modules that we will cover in class.

To start - Select "Playlist". These playlists group the videos by the Module they cover and the device that they are best formatted for. There are videos formatted to work with various screen resolutions and also specific devices.

HD1080p format is designed to work with a screen resolution of 1920x1080.
HD720p format is designed to work with a screen resolution of 1280x720.
HD480p format is designed to work with a screen resolution of 640x480.
iPhone4 format is designed to work with the iPad and iPhone4.
iPhone5 format is designed to work with the iPad2 and iPhone5.

Each module is divided into multiple segments. This will allow you to pick the specific portions of the modules that you would like to review and not have to watch the entire module if it is not needed.
These videos can be used to help you if you missed class or just need to review a topic that was covered. You may want to try to play the video on your smartphone or a tablet (some device other than the laptop you are using for excel). That will allow you to watch the video and practice the tasks in Excel on your laptop at the same time. The files that are being used in the Modules were all downloaded from the Q drive at the beginning of the

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Understanding Computers Concepts Exam 2

In addition to reading the chapters, completing the EOC Review Activities (Key Term Matching & Self-Quiz), and taking the Canvas Understanding Computers Chapter quizzes, please study the UC Exam 2 Keyword list over Chapters 5-9 and 12 in Canvas Files.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

SAM Project Excel 2016 Case 8 TIPS

We have requested that the SAM grader be modified to accept the @ in a structured reference, and that change will be coming soon.  BUT for now be sure you select the structured references for the  formulas in Excel Case 8 by selecting the FIELD (black arrow pointing down at the top of the column field name - do NOT click the individual cell in the row).

If you click in the cells (like F2) in the row of the formula to create the formulas, it creates a structured reference like [@[Service Years]].   The SAM 2016 grader is currently marking every formula with @ as incorrect; they want you to click on the column header to select the field so it reads the structured reference like [Service Years].

Step 4 - Should have a POSITIVE value, so it should be 2018-First Aid Certification Year
 the instructions SHOULD be switched to say subtract the value shows in the 2018 field FROM the First Aid Certification Year column.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to send feedback to the SAM team about the new 2016 content.

Mrs. Nemeth
K201 Course Coordinator