Tuesday, February 28, 2017

BACK Door to SAM if Canvas is unavailable

When students initially registered for SAM via Canvas, they were prompted to create a Cengage account.

Using that same Cengage account, you can access SAM directly at https://login.cengagebrain.com/cb/

After logging in, you can click the “open” button next to your course title.

Students will be taken to SAM calendar page but can also switch to the SAM assignments tab to explore their assignments.  Everything else is the same from here.

Profs may need to click the sync button once Canvas comes back online to ensure grades sync from SAM to Canvas.

Click here for SAM Backdoor access instructions with images

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

K201 FREE Tutoring Spring 2017

The department paid FREE K201 Tutoring is in UL 2135 D  (MAC STAT lab located in the IUPUI Library 2nd floor near the Writing Center.)

The MAC Stat tutoring lab is open with tutors ready to help, but they will not ALL have had our K201 course. 

Our K201 content experts (the Tutors that have successfully taken K201) will be available Spring 2017

9am-noon; 3pm-9pm
9am-noon; 1:45pm-6pm

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome to K201 The Computer in Business!!

Required Textbooks
There is ONE IU e-text Cengage bundle for K201  Spring 2017. The Cengage IU e-text Bundle (ISBN9781337045148) is billed through the registrar with enrollment in the K201 course and includes FOUR items:           
  1. SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) LMS Integrated CourseKey (added in Canvas Modules)
 The three hard copy paper textbooks (see below) will be shipped to your address of choiceonce you enter your Cengage Redemption code at the URL provided in an e-mail you will receive and discuss on your first day of class.  The textbooks are NOT available at the bookstore because you purchased them through the IU e-text program when enrolling in K201.
  1. Custom Understanding Computers Today & Tomorrow 16th ed Comprehensive by Morley & Parker
  2. Custom New Perspectives Excel 2016 (MS Office 365) Comprehensive by Parsons, Oja, Carey, & Desjardins
  3. Custom New Perspectives Access 2016 (MS Office 365) Intermediate by Shellman & Vodnik
Your Instructor looks forward to meeting you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Excel and Access Module Videos Available

Videos Available for Excel and Access Modules covered in Class

This link will take you to a site that has videos for all of the Modules that we will cover in class.

To start - Select "Playlist". These playlists group the videos by the Module they cover and the device that they are best formatted for. There are videos formatted to work with various screen resolutions and also specific devices.

HD1080p format is designed to work with a screen resolution of 1920x1080.
HD720p format is designed to work with a screen resolution of 1280x720.
HD480p format is designed to work with a screen resolution of 640x480.
iPhone4 format is designed to work with the iPad and iPhone4.
iPhone5 format is designed to work with the iPad2 and iPhone5.

Each module is divided into multiple segments. This will allow you to pick the specific portions of the modules that you would like to review and not have to watch the entire module if it is not needed.
These videos can be used to help you if you missed class or just need to review a topic that was covered. You may want to try to play the video on your smartphone or a tablet (some device other than the laptop you are using for excel). That will allow you to watch the video and practice the tasks in Excel on your laptop at the same time. The files that are being used in the Modules were all downloaded from the Q drive at the beginning of the

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Recall


Please be aware of this smartphone recall!   If you have one or know anyone who does, they should take immediate action!   They are calling this smartphone "too dangerous to own", so act quickly!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Excel 2016 e-text version Modules 1-3

Because we had some books on Back-order…  we want to make sure students have access to the e-text Excel book (Modules 1-3).  We cannot add it to our Canvas accounts because what students paid for only allows for ONE e-text to be visible (and we chose Concepts).
This is an FTP site, and takes a bit of time to load.

username- custom2
password- production