Tuesday, May 24, 2016

K201 Wrap Up Song


This song covers why K201 and learning Excel is important!  Enjoy! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

FREE K201 Tutoring Summer 2016

The FREE K201 Tutoring is in UL 2135 D  (IUPUI Library 2nd floor near the Writing Center).

Walk-in hours:

Our experienced K201 Tutoring schedule for Summer 1 2016 is:

Summer 1 K201 Tutoring Schedule (in the MAC Stat Lab - library location)
Monday: 2pm-9pm
Tuesday: 9-12:30pm, 5pm-9pm
Wednesday: 9am-9pm
Thursday: 9am-6pm
Friday: 9am-6pm
The MAC Stat tutoring lab is open additional hours with tutors ready to help, but they will not have had our K201 course.  The times above are when our department paid K201 students will be available for tutoring (they have completed the course very successfully).  
Please check-in with your JagTag at the desk upon arrival.

Purchasing SAM Projects or SimNet SEPARATELY from the bundle

If you get used books from someone, and need to purchase the SAM Projects and/or SimNet access codes, please use these links for the best pricing.

NEW 2016 discounted link for the Excel/Access SAM Projects 2013 V1 code:

SimNet 2013 can be purchased directly from the login page (with our discount $72.75)...  http://iupuiindy.simnetonline.com   and then click on the No, I need to buy a license link.

If you purchase the book bundles, you will get an even deeper discount on the book with the access code.  Please see either your instructor or the course coordinator if you have questions about the K201 course materials.

SimNet 2013 Setup

IUPUI Students Registering for SimNet 2013 with a code
Navigate to our URL    https://iupuiindy.simnetonline.com  
If you've already purchased SIMnet and have a registration code, you can add the code when you create your SIMnet account.
1.     Click No, but I have a code on the school's SIMnet homepage (https://iupuiindy.simnetonline.com ). Answer the verification questions and proceed to the next step.
2.     Review the McGraw-Hill license agreement. Click the Check this box if you agree to the end user license agreement check box, and then click Next.
3.     Select the class you are enrolled in, and then click Next.
4.     Enter your registration code (off the card that came in your textbook bundle), and then click Next.
5.     Enter your personal information. Click Next. Then click Finish.
When you log back into SIMnet, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to view your profile. Confirm that you are enrolled in the correct SIMnet class. If you need to enroll yourself in a different SIMnet class, see Add or remove a course.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

SimNet Lesson TIPS

When you "Take" a SimNet Lesson, you will see a list of tasks to complete with check boxes next to each item.   In order to earn full credit for the lesson, each text box MUST HAVE A CHECK MARK in it.

Click on the task to complete and you will see 3 buttons.

"Show Me" - This is optional and if you choose this button, it will show you information regarding this task.   It will show you how to do the step.

"Guide Me" - This is optional and if you choose this button, it will guide you through the process to complete this task.

"Let Me Try" - This is REQUIRED.  You MUST ANSWER ALL of the questions on this button correctly to get a check mark.   You will see a checkmark displayed on the green button when you have successfully completed the task.   Some tasks have SEVERAL QUESTIONS and others may only have one.   But you must do ALL correctly until you see the checkmark.     Then you can use the arrows at the sides of the screen to move between questions.

The checkmarks are saved in SimNet, so you do not have to complete the entire lesson in one sitting.   When you come back into the lesson, just scroll down the list and choose where you want to start.

You can try these tasks as many times as you need to get them correct and if you are stuck on one, don't hesitate to ask for help.

You do not have to submit anything for your grade.   Your instructor will get a report showing how many tasks had checkmarks directly from SimNet to determine your grade.

Finally, make sure that you use the DUE DATES in the Canvas Calendar and on your Daily Schedule, since they may be different in SimNet to allow you to use these lessons later in the semester.

Concepts Exam 1

In addition to reading the chapters, completing the recommended activities from the daily schedule, please study this keyword list prior to taking your Computing Essentials Exam 1 over the Buyers Guide, Chapters 1-4 and 10.

These are the same keywords you should have defined in your three part homework assignment for 10 points.

Concepts Exam 1 Keywords to Define.pdf

Concepts Exam 1 Keywords to Define.xlsx

SAM Projects Setup Instructions

Our K201 course code is  T2039151 at  http://sam.cengage.com

SAM Projects Account Setup

SAM Projects Overview

See below on Blog instructions or from Canvas Modules open the instructions to help with SAM Projects Account Setup.  Our Institution key is T2039151.

When you do the SAM Projects homeworks, you will goto http://sam.cengage.com then login to your SAM account. To see the assignments click on the Activity List button at the top (there are 10 Excel cases, and 5 Access cases).  If you want to make the Activity List page your DEFAULT, click the checkbox in the top right corner.

Before the class due (see daily schedule for your section) you need to finish and submit the assigned case. When you click on the assignment link .. you will click the Start button to get to the Instruction file, the start file, and the submission area. You can open this link as many times as you wish (the submission link is the only area limited to 5 attempts).

1. Click and open the instruction file (some students prefer to have a printed hard copy to work from)

2. Download a copy of the start file in step 2 by clicking on the link, and choosing Save As (it is wise to save it to the K201\Excel 2013\Excel SAM Projects folder on your USB drive - so it's easy to find when you are ready to submit). Do NOT simply open... or it will be a temp file and your work will NOT be saved!!

3. Follow all the instructions in the step 1 instruction document, save your changes to the downloaded start file from step 2, and work until you believe all steps are correct. Then Save the changes... and return to SAM Projects, step 3 for that case... Browse for your saved work, and the Submit it for grading.

4. Visit the Reports tab at the top to see how you did. You can open the Reports & select the Files icon to get specific feedback on each step (red x means you did not earn those points... and you can go back to your Excel file, make corrections to that step(s), save the changes and re-submit to SAM Projects again... up to 5 times per case ... or e-mail your instructor to reset some attempts if you need more tries).  You do not need to start over to re-submit.

Your instructor will run a report at the beginning of the class the case is due, and that is the score that will be entered into the Oncourse gradebook (each Excel case is worth 10 points).

Remember the K201 Department paid tutors are available to help in the MAC lab... (see the Blog or Canvas Announcement for details of days/times).

Please let your instructor or Mrs. Nemeth (mnemeth@iupui.edu ) know if you have account setup questions.

Excel SimNet Exam

To prepare for the Excel SimNet Exam you should complete the Excel SimNet Lesson before class (the Lesson is worth 10 homework points plus the best way to study for the exam). There will 50 skill based questions on the Exam, with 44 on the Lesson. The skills will be the same in a different scenario. On the Lesson complete the Let Me Try (the exam will be similar but without Hints and feedback).
The content on the Exam is covered in the skill Teach Me content. 
  • The Excel SimNet Lesson has 44 skills compared to the Excel SimNet Exam with 50 skills. There is additional information you should review under the SimNet Teach Me or Show Me portions on the following topics. SimNet Technical Support says that some of the skills on our Exam are covered by the Lesson, but that there are multiple topics related that only appear in the Teach Me or Show Me portions (not the Let Me Try section). Sorry for any frustration! Please review the Teach Me/Show Me sections of SimNet Lessons for these topics, as well as completing all the Let Me Try questions for all 44 skills.
  1. Applying Number Formats (3 questions)
  2. Entering Simple Formulas (2 questions)
  3. Modifying Column Widths and Row Heights (2 questions)
  4. Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns (2 questions)
  5. Moving a Chart (2 questions)
Remember you can do this Lesson up to 99 times at your own pace.  Goto http://iupuiindy.simnetonline.com (Links to an external site.) Lesson tab to get started.
You also have your Excel SAM Project Case 5 due before class.  The Excel SimNet Exam covers Excel Tutorials 1-5.

Excel Case Exam

Please review ALL the skill topics on this Study Guide for the Excel Case Exam before you come to class to take the Exam. You will see these topics on the exam!

Your SAM Project Cases (especially Tutorials 5-10), your book (extra cases at the end of the Tutorials as well as the example tutorials we did in class) - are great study resources!
Also attached is a PowerPoint presentation, a SimpleFunctionExample workbook, and reference list of the study guide that one of our  K201 instructors made to help her students be prepared for the Excel Case Exam.  Enjoy!

Remember the Excel Case Exam is LIVE in Excel, worth 50 points, and will be hand graded with a rubric.  It will be more like your SAM Projects homework cases than the Excel SimNet exam you previously took.