Monday, September 26, 2016

K201 Schedule Change due to SAM server issues Sept 25-26th, 2016


Because there have been intermittent problems access the SAM server since the weekend, our plan will be different.

The Excel Case 5 and Excel SAM Training will both be due one class later (pushed back from the daily schedule date).  Our Excel SAM Exam will also be moved to the following class session.

We will switch and cover Excel Module 6 in class instead of the originally scheduled exam.

Sorry for the frustration.  We have used SAM Projects for many years without this many server outages.  Tech support and management have heard from us. 

Thank you for your patience.

Mrs. Nemeth

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tech Panel Discussion Oct 11th at 5:30 pm

Indiana Tech Panel Discussion
Hosted by the Economics Club at IUPUI
The expansion of Indiana’s tech sector, and why companies that would be traditionally located in Silicon Valley are picking Indiana as their home.

Guest Speakers Include:
Erin Sparks – Founder and CEO of Site Strategics
Michelle Cole – COO of Envisage Technologies
Mike Chaplin – President of Balance Digital Marketing
James Briggs – Business Reporter for the Indianapolis Star
Steve Pruden – VP of Mobility and Outsourcing at Appirio
Ian Steff – Chief Innovation Officer and Executive VP of the IEDC

How can I attend?
    October 11 from 5:30 – 7:00 PM
    Room: Lilly Auditorium UL 0130


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Recall


Please be aware of this smartphone recall!   If you have one or know anyone who does, they should take immediate action!   They are calling this smartphone "too dangerous to own", so act quickly!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Excel 2016 e-text version Modules 1-3

Because we had some books on Back-order…  we want to make sure students have access to the e-text Excel book (Modules 1-3).  We cannot add it to our Canvas accounts because what students paid for only allows for ONE e-text to be visible (and we chose Concepts).
This is an FTP site, and takes a bit of time to load.

username- custom2
password- production

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome to K201 The Computer in Business!!

Required Textbooks
There is ONE IU e-text Cengage bundle for K201  Fall 2016. The Cengage IU e-text Bundle (ISBN9781337045148) is billed through the registrar with enrollment in the K201 course and includes FOUR items:           
  1. SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) LMS Integrated CourseKey (added in Canvas Modules)
 The three hard copy paper textbooks (see below) will be shipped to your address of choiceonce you enter your Cengage Redemption code at the URL provided in an e-mail you will receive and discuss on your first day of class.  The textbooks are NOT available at the bookstore because you purchased them through the IU e-text program when enrolling in K201.
  1. Custom Understanding Computers Today & Tomorrow 16th ed Comprehensive by Morley & Parker
  2. Custom New Perspectives Excel 2016 (MS Office 365) Comprehensive by Parsons, Oja, Carey, & Desjardins
  3. Custom New Perspectives Access 2016 (MS Office 365) Intermediate by Shellman & Vodnik
Your Instructor looks forward to meeting you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

K201 Tutoring Fall 2016

The (Department paid) FREE K201 Tutoring is in UL 2135 D  (IUPUI Library 2nd floor near the Writing Center).

Our K201 experienced Tutoring schedule for Fall 2016 is:

Mon: 9:30am-1pm, 1:30pm-9pm
Tues: 9am-2pm, 5pm-8pm
Wed: 9am-5:30pm
Thur: 11am-6pm
Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 12noon-5pm
Sun: No K201 tutors work on Sunday typically but there will probably be a few Sunday shifts throughout the semester.
The MAC Stat tutoring lab is open additional hours with tutors ready to help, but they will not have successfully completed our K201 course.  The times above are when our department paid K201 students will be available for tutoring.
Please check-in with your JagTag at the desk upon arrival.

SAM Projects homework cases

When you do the SAM Projects homework, you will go to Canvas, Modules, SAM. There are 10 Excel cases, and 5 Access cases assigned for K201. 

Before the class due (see daily schedule for your section) you need to finish and submit the assigned case. When you click on the assignment link .. you will click the Start button to get to the Instruction file, the start file, and the submission area. You can open this link as many times as you wish (the submission link is the only area limited to 5 attempts).

1. Click and open the instruction file (some students prefer to have a printed hard copy to work from)

2. Download a copy of the start file in step 2 by clicking on the link, and choosing Save As (it is wise to save it to the K201 Fall 2016\Excel 2016\Excel SAM Projects folder on your USB drive - so it's easy to find when you are ready to submit). Do NOT simply open... or it will be a temp file and your work will NOT be saved!!

3. Follow all the instructions in the step 1 instruction document, save your changes to the downloaded start file from step 2, and work until you believe all steps are correct. Then Save the changes... and return to SAM Projects, step 3 for that case... Browse for your saved work, and the Submit it for grading.

4. From Canvas, Modules, SAM Projects Reports, click the Reports button at the top, then the case link to see how you did. In the report select the Files icon to get specific feedback on each step (red x means you did not earn those points... and you can go back to your Excel file, make corrections to that step(s), save the changes and re-submit to SAM Projects again... up to 5 times per case ... or e-mail your instructor to reset some attempts if you need more tries).  You do not need to start over to re-submit.

Remember the K201 Department paid tutors are available to help in the MAC lab... (see the Blog or Canvas Announcement for details of days/times).

Please let your instructor or Mrs. Nemeth ( ) know if you have SAM account questions.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Understanding Computers Exam 1

In addition to reading the chapters, completing the EOC Review Activities (Key Term Matching & Self-Quiz), and taking the Canvas Understanding Computers Chapter quizzes, please study the UC Exam 2 Keyword list over Chapters 1-4 and 13, and Buying a PC section.

Excel SAM Exam

To prepare for the Access SAM Exam you should complete the Excel SAM Training before class (the Training is worth 10 homework points plus is the best way to study for the exam). There will be 50 skill based questions on the Exam and you will have up to five attempts at each question during the Exam (without the help or hints available in the Training).  The skills on the Training will be the same in a different scenario. On the Training complete the Apply instructions to earn the green check mark (credit) per task.
Remember you can do this Training repeatedly at your own pace.  Goto Canvas, Modules, SAM to see the Training link.
You also have your Excel SAM Project Case 5 due before class.  The Excel SAM Exam covers Excel Modules 1-5.

Excel Case Exam

Please review ALL the skill topics on this Study Guide for the Excel Case Exam before you come to class to take the Exam. You will see these topics on the exam!

Your SAM Project Cases (especially Tutorials 5-10), your book (extra cases at the end of the Tutorials as well as the example tutorials we did in class) - are great study resources! 
Also attached is a PowerPoint presentation, a SimpleFunctionExample workbook, and reference list of the study guide that one of our  K201 instructors made to help her students be prepared for the Excel Case Exam.  Enjoy!
Remember the Excel Case Exam is LIVE in Excel, worth 50 points, and will be hand graded with a rubric.  It will be more like your SAM Projects homework cases than the Excel SAM exam you previously took.