Monday, April 14, 2014

Access 2013 SimNet Exam

The Access SimNet Exam will allow up to five attempts at each question through SimNet. Be sure to complete the SimNet Access "Lesson" for an overview of the skills you will need to know before you take the Access SimNet Exam. See the Access SimNet Lesson and below for details of content.

  • The Access SimNet Lesson has 40 skills compared to the Access SimNet Exam with 50 skills. There is additional information you may benefit from reviewing in these following skills under the SimNet Teach Me or Show Me portions on the following topics. SimNet Technical Support says that some of the skills on our Exam are covered by the Lesson, but that there are multiple topics related that only appear in the Teach Me or Show Me portions (not the Let Me Try section). Sorry for any frustration! Please review the Teach Me/Show Me sections of SimNet Lessons for these topics, as well as completing all the Let Me Try questions for all 40 skills.
1.      Finding and Replacing Data
2.      Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Data
3.      Deleting and Renaming Database Objects
4.      Modifying Field Properties
5.      Adding Design Elements to Form and Report Headers
6.      Adding Text Criteria to a Query
7.      Adding Numeric and Date Criteria to a Query
8.      Using AND and OR in a Query (2 additional questions)
9.      Filter Data Using Filter by Selection

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Access Case Exam

The Access Case Exam will be given live in Access and hand graded with a rubric. 

The best way to prepare will be to review the Queries You Should Know.pdf which summarizes Access Tutorials 3 and 5, as most of the questions on the Access Case Exam will be queries. You will also need to know how to use a Validation rule, and how to create (and edit) a Form in Design view (including a Title, Logo, and Label field).

 You may also benefit from reviewing the AccessReviewQueriesAndMore.pptx .

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Computing Essentials Exam 2 - Keyword List

In addition to reading the chapters, completing the Recommended Activities from the daily schedule (Practice tests from , and the chapter review sheets in Oncourse Resources), please study this keyword list prior to taking your Computing Essentials Exam over the  Chapters 5-9 and 11.  See you instructor or the FREE K201 Tutor with questions.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Excel Case Exam

Please review ALL the skill topics on this Study Guide for the Excel Case Exam before you come to class to take the Exam. You will see these topics on the exam!

Your SAM Project Cases (especially Tutorials 5-10), your book (extra cases at the end of the Tutorials as well as the example tutorials we did in class) - are great study resources!

Also attached is a PowerPoint presentation ExcelReviewPart2 that one of our K201 instructors made to help her students be prepared for the Excel Case Exam.

SAM Projects FREE update code for Case 9 & 10

The SAM Excel 2013 projects for Tutorials 9 & 10 will NOT be available until June so here is our plan B for homework for Excel Tutorial 9 & 10.  You will still be doing Excel SAM Projects, but we are going to use the Excel 2010 version, which means you need an additional access code. 

Your FREE update code will need to be added to your existing SAM Projects account by following the steps below:
  1. Login to your SAM account
  2. Click on the Activity List
  3. Click the “Add Product” button in the top left
  4. Type in their FREE 2010  SAM content access code  (from Oncourse resources named   SAM 2010 codes InstructorName Section#)…  Your name will be beside the code you should use.  You only need to add this code ONE time to access both Excel cases 9 & 10.
Please let your instructor know if you have questions.

Submission Problem Excel Case 7

An update was received today from SAM Projects tech support stating that in Excel Case 7, step 9 there is a problem that prevents the file from being submitted.

If you have a problem getting it so submit, please SKIP Step 9 (and/or delete the button if you already did the step), and then try the submission again.

Sorry for the frustration!

Friday, February 28, 2014

SAM Excel Project Case 8 steps 6, 7, & 10 TIPS

For steps 6 & 7 ...  the SAM grader is expecting the field names to INCLUDE the @ before the field, but if you select the fields with the mouse... the @ is NOT happening?!  I have forwarded these to tech support to be addressed.

Step 6... [@[Discount Y/N]]   and   [@[Tenure (Yrs)]]

Step 7...  [@[Tenure (Yrs)]]      [@[2016 Sales]]

Step 10, they have the range in the instructions incorrect for the Named Range definition CustomerIncentives.  It says N10:R11  BUT should be correctly listed as   O10:R11  (not N10)

If you type in the CustomerIncentives named range it works fine...  but if you use N10:R11 the grader counts it incorrect (even though that is what the instructions mistakenly say).

Sorry for the frustration!  Mrs. Nemeth

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NO K201 Tutoring Friday March 28th

There will be NO  K201 Tutoring on Friday March 28th.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SAM Projects Case 6 - Step 8 Correction

The SAM Projects instruction for Case 6, step 8  is not currently matching the what the grader is counting correct.  To get the grader to correctly count your work you will need to enter - Click here for projected revenues by product   (NOT project)

The publisher plans to update the instruction in the March 6th upgrade.  Sorry for the frustration and confusion.