Thursday, August 21, 2008

FREE STEPS Computer workshops

Just a reminder that there are FREE STEPS Computer workshops avaialble to you as a student. Please visit for more information. There are also bookmark schedules available in the BS 3008 classroom on the front table.

There are courses offered in Vista, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, What's new in MS Office 2010, Web Publishing, Photoshop, Podcasting and more.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

K201 Waiver Exam Announcement

PLEASE NOTE: CONTENT OF THIS BLOG ENTRY WILL BE UPDATED WITHIN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR THE UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT THE WAIVER EXAM...Students that believe they have equivalent knowledge of K201 The Computer in Business material, may choose to take the K201 Waiver Exam. This exam is a three hour exam that contains 150 questions. The exam consists of hands-on exercises in Windows, File Management, Excel, and Access, as well as conceptual topics covered by multiple choice and true/false questions. The goal of K201 is to utilize the learned skills to solve a variety of business problems. We use skills assessment software called SAM Challenge Office 2003 Release 3.0 . (Note SAM Challenge is different from SAM 2003, ONLY SAM CHALLENGE will work for the Waiver Exam. Be sure to purchase the right keycode!)

If you pass the equivalency exam you will be WAIVED the requirement of taking K201. Waiving the requirement means you will NOT RECEIVE CREDIT for the course, but will be able to choose another Business course instead, to meet the overall required credits for the Kelley School of Business (KSOB) major.

Other Conditions:

  • You can only take the K201 Equivalency Exam one time. If you do not pass you will be required to take K201.

  • You cannot take the equivalency exam during a semester when you are enrolled in K201. If you are enrolled in K201 this semester, you must withdraw by the last day for full refunds so K201 does not appear on your transcript.

  • You cannot take the equivalency exam if K201 appears on your transcript.


  • $15 payable to the IUPUI Testing Center (check, cash, credit card or money order)

  • SAM Challenge Keycode (available from the bookstore $13.50 or The ISBN for SAM Challenge 3.0 is 0-619-17150-2. Be sure to purchase the SAM Challenge keycode from the Bookstore or from prior to your exam date/time and to take it with you.

To schedule the waiver exam, please visit:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to the K201 blog - Online periodic journal

Welcome to K201 The Computer in Business! This course has been designed to offer undergraduate students a rigorous introduction to the contemporary world of information technology and business problem solving.

Our primary goal is to assist students in developing their analytical and technical problem solving skills. If you are looking for a "learn the keystrokes" course, K201 is NOT for you.

The complete syllabus is located on Oncourse and you should have received a printed copy in class.

For additional help on Office 2007 features, please watch the Comptuer in Business podcast located at

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