Friday, January 25, 2013

Social Networking side of K201

As part of the Honors option, several students will be contributing useful information via the K201 Facebook group, the Twitter feed, and this blog. You are encouraged to join the above facebook group, and follow the twitter feed.

Please remember to visit the blog on a regular basis, as additional resources will be shared here from time to time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SAM Projects Student FAQ's

Please read through these FAQ's to optimize your experience with the SAM Projects homework cases.     SAM 2010 Student FAQ's

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MAC Users

We have a  K201 Instructor (Mr. Trehan) who is a MAC user and fan, so we’ve asked for his input on student options for running Windows Office 2010 on a MAC.  Note if you choose options 1, 2, or 3 below your SAM Projects homework can be done successfully on your MAC. 
You may also benefit from the STEPS class material called:    Windows: Basic Computing Skills 
See  for more information.

Running Office 2010 on MAC  (Required for K201's 15 SAM Project Case Homework Assignments)

Option 1:  IU AnyWare
Cost:  FREE
Notes:  IU AnyWare is a client virtualization service that allows you to run programs from a Citrix server.  This requires you to install the Citrix Receiver client.  See for more information.
This is the FIRST Sememster we've recommended this option for K201 students.  We believe it will work, but stay tuned as we may run into some minor issues with our SAM Projects Autograder.

NOTE: A video tutorial is now available on YouTube and has been embedded in a recent Blog Post titled Using IUAnyware from MacOS.

Option 2:  Apple Boot Camp 
Cost: Windows Vista OS Software Purchase Price from Bookstore, about $5 (Full-install version, NOT upgrade version).
Time: Approximately 1-3 hours to configure, install OS, install office from
Notes:  This option requires contiguous disk space (32 GB recommended). If your Mac does not have contiguous space, you will need to reinstall MacOS. You will also need to have your MacOS install media, as it contains the necessary drivers for Windows. With this option, you will have to restart each time you switch between MacOS and Windows.

Option 3: Leveraging VMWare Fusion or ParallelsCost: 
Fusion: Windows Vista OS Software from Bookstore (Full-install, NOT upgrade), about $5 +VMWare Fusion about $50= about $55 total.
Parallels: Windows Vista OS Software from Bookstore(Full-install, NOT upgrade), about $5+Parallels about $80=about $85 total.
Time: Approximately 1-3 hours to configure, install OS, install office from 
Notes: more expensive but can then jump between platforms without restart

Option 4: UITS STC Labs (come on campus to do the work)
Cost: No additional cost!