Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Protect the confidentiality of your IU IT account credentials

Please protect your account and passphrase for IU systems. There may be more at risk than you realize if this information gets in the wrong hands.

Sharing account credentials is risky, unwise, and against IU policy [1]. Doing so endangers an individual's information, poses a threat to the IU network, and can jeopardize volume software licensing agreements. Please also be advised that should you choose to participate in or utilize services where you are required to share your university Network ID and passphrase, the university will refuse to grant any sort of protection or understanding, and this may result in disciplinary action against the student.

Resources accessible via a student's account include, but are not limited to:
• personal information, including the Social Security number
• VPN access to the IU network
• Oncourse
• OneStart, and accessible PeopleSoft environments
• Financial aid information, including possibly bank accounts
• Email
• Voice mail
• IUware
• parents/family information
• possible departmental resources (if the student becomes an hourly employee)

[1] http://informationpolicy.iu.edu/policies/IT01