Thursday, November 30, 2017

K201 Final Exam

Our K201 Final Exam will be comprehensive in nature, given in SAM and will have 100 questions worth 200 points.

The Content will be divided into:
34 Computer Concepts questions (Multiple choice & True/False)
34 Excel skill based questions (5 attempts per question)
32 Access skill based questions (5 attempts per question)
The best way to prepare for the Final Exam will be to complete the SAM Reviews.  There are TWO SAM Final Reviews (one is an Exam and the other is a Training).

The UC Concepts Review has 150 questions, from which 34 will be on the exam. The Excel/Access Review is a Training and has 66 skill based questions which will be on the exam in a different scenario.
The Final Exam content has been selected directly from these Reviews. So if you complete all these reviews you will have seen all the Final Exam questions in a different scenario.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Access SAM Exam

To prepare for the Access SAM Exam you should complete the Access SAM Training before class (the Training is worth 10 homework points plus is the best way to study for the exam). There will be 50 skill based questions on the Exam and you will have up to five attempts at each question during the Exam (without the help or hints available in the Training).  The skills on the Training will be the same in a different scenario. On the Training complete the Apply instructions to earn the green check mark (credit) per task.
Remember you can do this Training repeatedly at your own pace.  Goto Canvas, Modules, SAM to see the Training link.

Access Case Exam

The Access Case Exam will be given live in Access and hand graded with a rubric. 

The best way to prepare will be to review the Queries You Should Know.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window which summarizes Access Tutorials 3 and 5, as most of the questions on the Access Case Exam will be queries. You will also need to know how to use a Validation rule, and how to create (and edit) a Form in Design view (including a Title, Logo, and Label field).

 You may also benefit from reviewing the AccessReviewQueriesAndMore.pptx (Links to an external site.)  in Canvas Files.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

K201 - Word of the Day

Fill Handle: Fill Handle is the square at the bottom-right corner of the active cell. Drag the fill handle Fill handle to copy data or to fill adjacent cells with a series of data.

Monday, September 11, 2017

SAM Excel Projects 1-5 Tips

Posted by instructor Mrs. Musick

Remember that you start with 5 submits for each case.   If you need additional submits, simply send me a message requesting more.   Allow time to fix any errors and resubmit the case, to ensure the highest grade possible on each case.
(1) USE CARE when changing the file name - only change the 1 to a 2 and nothing else!  If your file won’t submit, it is most likely a problem with the file name, so review it carefully.    Sometimes attaching the file to an email will allow you to see the entire file (including extensions) and you might see a problem.

(2) Number formatting - be careful that you set all parameters given; the format, the thousands separator, the decimal places, how to display negative numbers, etc.

(3) Background color IS Fill Color

(4) If a Theme, font, color, etc does not exist that you are asked to select CHECK YOUR VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE!   Also, verify that you have the correct theme selected (as the theme can affect these options).

(5) HINTS NEED TO BE READ!   These are there to help you make the correct choices, so pay attention to them!

(6) SAVE your work PERIODICALLY!

(7) Typing errors can lead to significant point reductions, so be careful that you are typing exactly what is given to you in the instructions.

(8) Read the instructions carefully, do the steps exactly as they are stated, do not skip any tasks (sometimes multiple tasks will be given in one step), and do not change anything in the file that you are not instructed to change.

(9) The order that you complete some tasks can make a difference.   For example, if you change the theme, it can affect many items such as fonts, colors, etc.   So you should perform the tasks in the order given.

SAM Excel Case 01:
(1) #3 & #12 - Use the dialog box approach to setting the column width or row height
(2) #8 - Flash Fill - if this doesn't work - check the version of the software you are using - NEW FEATURE IN EXCEL 2013!  To get Flash Fill to work, you must type your pattern in enough cells for Excel to “see the pattern”; then it will fill in the cells in the column and you can tab to accept them.  The pattern used in this problem begins with the employees first and last initials and is followed by their birthdate (no zeros in the date). 
(3) #17 - Zoom Percentages - click on the percentage and use the dialog box to set this to the value desired.

SAM Excel Case 04:
(1) When placing charts in the locations specified; make sure that you can see the cell border lines outside the chart box.    The Cell border lines should make an outline for the chart box.  You do not want to completely cover the cell or it will be marked wrong.
(2) #1 – If you do not have a Histogram chart, check your version of the software.   This is only in the Excel 2016 and is not an option in the Mac version of the software.
(2) #2– You are being asked to change the Sparkline color; make sure you choose the color button and choose from the color gallery not the style options.
(3) When creating charts be careful to select the exact range of data given in the assignment.   If you don’t use the correct range, you may want to delete the chart and try again.
(4) #7 – Use the Select Data button for this; use the Axes Label information by editing the right column box.

SAM Excel Case 05:
(1) #3 – Leave the total in the 2020 field (you aren’t told to remove it, so do not)
(2) #4 – Number formatting in Pivot Tables must be set using the Value Field Settings option and not the Home Tab of the Ribbon.  
 (3) #15 - When placing the slicer box in the locations specified; make sure that you can see the cell border lines outside the slicer box.    The Cell border lines should make an outline for the slicer box.  The same concept used when placing charts in Module 4.
(5) #16 - When placing charts in the locations specified; make sure that you can see the cell border lines outside the chart box.    The Cell border lines should make an outline for the chart box.  The same concept used when placing charts in Module 4.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to setup SAM Temporary Account then apply your purchased code

How K201 Students Sign up for SAM through Canvas
Welcome to K201!  Students will need to create a Cengagebrain account (username and password) in order to use SAM 2016 through Canvas. 

The keycode for SAM will come in the K201 textbook bundle.  If students do not have the code, they can create a Temporary access code that will work for 14 days.

Creating the Cengagebrain account is a one-time sign in process that can be completed prior to having an access code.  To get to the creation screen, students should sign in to Canvas, click Modules, and click on the SAM link.  They will encounter the below screen prior to seeing the payment screen.


Click on  “Create a New Account” and fill in the required profile information.

Follow these steps to access SAM while using a Grace Period.
When registering for SAM as a New User, click Enter Later when it prompts you for a Key Code.
The amount of time you have left for the grace period displays every time you log into SAM.

Every time a temporary account student launches a SAM activity link from Canvas Modules, they will encounter the following screen.

While using the temporary access code, students should choose the bottom option “Go to my course”.

Once students get their purchased access code, they should choose “Redeem Access Code” and type in the code on their SAM Integrated access card.