Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tutorial 10- Part 3 (By Spenser Johnson)

Tutorial 10- Part 2 (By Spenser Johnson)

Tutorial 10- Part 1 (By Spenser Johnson)

Tutorial 9- Part 3 (By Spenser Johnson)

Tutorial 9- Part 2 (By Spenser Johnson)

Tutorial 9- Part 1 (By Spenser Johnson)

Summer Leadership Programs

Looking for a way to start your journey from college to career success? If you’re a top student who wants to get a jump start on the recruiting process, then take a look at these Summer Leadership opportunities

Ernst & Young will consider other majors besides accounting.  The graduation date requirements are below, however all have GPA and other requirements.  Students can link to the description below, but must login to KelleyCareers to apply. 

Ernst & Young LLP – On Campus Interviews-3/26/2013-Summer Leadership Program-seeking accounting/finance students who are at least two years from graduation.

BKD, LLP- On Campus Interviews-3/28/2013-Summer Leadership conference/Spring 2014 Interns-Accounting students must be interested in Spring 2014 internship and have an expected graduation no later than December 2015.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Kelley Career Fair - Tuesday, February 12th

Next Tuesday, February 12th, the Kelley-Indianapolis Student Government and the Career Planning Office will host the Kelley Career Fair in the IUPUI Campus Center Room 450 from 2pm – 6pm

We are very excited to have 58 companies registered to attend this year’s event.  For the complete list of companies and the Kelley Career Fair book please visit:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Using IUAnyware from MacOS

Cloud Computing via IUAnyware - (The cloud picture in this podcast is a GENUINE cloud. not a cheap-old sketch...)