Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Succeed

In the Tuesday night section of K201, the students paired up and discussed ideas to compile a list of things that result in academic failure and another list for things that are needed for success. One key observation is that even though this was discussed prior to the chapters, "being Proactive" was one of the first first suggestions for success. Chapter 15 categorizes computer users in four categories, and it also mentions that being proactive is the key to success.

In case the picture on the left isn't clear, I have added these lists below:

SUCCESS: Proactive, Organized, Focused, Studying hard (6-12 hours per week), Prayer/faith, Taking Initiative, Prioritizing, Making an Effort, Participating, Self-motivation, Being Prepared

FAILURE: Laziness, Not prioritizing, Not doing the Work, Not Attending, Not Focusing, Giving up, Procrastination, Not taking advantage of opportunities, Being Distracted, Being Late, Not Applying oneself, Goofing off in Class.

It is good to see that students today know the formula for success, and I challenge each and every one of the readers of this post to make extra effort this semester to follow the ideas mentioned for success.

Best Wishes

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